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Specialising in Indie Rock & Pop, I can turn your song into a professional level recording, giving it the direction it needs. Full production includes writing & arrangement, tracking, editing, and mixing.


I can take home or studio recorded raw tracks and turn them into polished, professional recordings, stamped with your own unique sound.


With a Master's degree in Music Composition, I am available to teach one-to-one or group sessions on composition or production.


If you would like to discuss any of this more, send me an email by clicking 'Contact' below - I am always happy to help.


I’m a producer, composer and mix engineer from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK, specializing in all kinds of indie and alternative music. 

After graduating from Newcastle University with a Master’s degree in Music Composition, I began working in recording studios and producing artists from all different genres.

Recent clients include:

Sting, The Hairy Bikers, Drive, Kay Greyson, Trunky Juno, Kate Bond, The Baltics, Crux, Joe McElderry, Sarah McTernan (Eurovision 2019), Deep Sea Peach Tree, Northern Roots Rap Project, Kema Kay, BBC, and Lidl.

Looking to work with me? Get in touch below.


"Andy is professional, dedicated, and extremely good at what he does. It's a great feeling to know the studio is in the hands of an experienced engineer who really cares about our customer and equipment. More importantly, the work he delivers is always to the highest standard; he's a pleasure to work with, and his flexibility, knowledge and hunger to succeed impresses me every time I work with him."
"Goes above and beyond to fit your expectations. Great mixing quality, great production and great chat to go along with it. If you want someone to work with in a studio or on a musical project then look no further."
Kay Greyson
"Great engineer and producer! Felt really comfortable in the room, and the direction he gave for recording helped improve the performance as well as the flawless mix of the song in the end."
''He's helped bring ideas to the table and craft together parts of these songs I wouldn't have seen on my own.''