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Production - Specialising in anything Indie, I can transform your song from an idea, into a professional, sounding recording, giving it the direction and emotional impact needs to to create an impact with your fanbase. Full production can include writing & arrangement, tracking, editing, and mixing.


I can take home or studio recorded raw tracks and turn them into polished, 'radio-ready' recordings, stamped with your own unique sound.


From creating arrangements for rock bands to writing for string ensembles, I will work with you closely to provide the nuanced backdrop your song needs.


More - I offer a whole host of other services, including transcription, arrangement, and tuition. Send me a message to discuss what we can do together!


Andy has an extensive portfolio as a music producer in various genres.

Andy Bell is a producer, arranger, composer, mixer, engineer, and multi-instrumentalist (guitar, bass, piano, synths, programming). For the past 5 years, Andy has been head engineer and studio manager of Blast Recording, a Whitemark designed studio in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. His passion is in helping artists define their sound and musical personality, creating great records that fully represent the artist and will stand the test of time.

His work often spans genres, from Modern Classical, to Folk, to Electronic, to Harder Rock. His releases have been streamed millions of times, and regularly features on BBC Introducing and national shows, Spotify Playlists, and has featured in the UK Physical Charts (Conor Michael – Home).

Since graduating with a Master’s degree in Classical Composition, Andy has been an integral part to the Newcastle Music Scene. He has worked in recording studios for over a decade, starting in Gateshead’s Broadwater Studios, allowing him to grow his skills working with local artists. At the same time, he was touring in bands and writing to picture, working with music supervisors and corporate clients to create music for their specific requirements. This has helped Andy to develop an understanding of the industry and how an artist can maximise their work to grow a career. It also allows him to wear many hats at various stages of the artist’s career – often working as songwriter, producer, mixer, musical director.

Andy’s loves to create records organically, working with live instruments in creative ways. His strength lies in bringing the best out of artists through exploration, creating something that is uniquely theirs and is a world that they can inhabit. His development work has helped artists create significant industry relationships, with artists such as Bear Park signing to Gary Powell & Factory Records’ new venture 25hr Convenience Store and Jazz group Knats sign to Hugh Padgam’s Gearbox Records. Andy has since become the go-to person in the North East for artists and management companies looking to develop their sound.

Andy’s studio has been perfectly set-up to combine recording of live and electronic instruments in a fun, creative environment, sometimes described as an ‘Aladdin’s Cave’. He draws on a great collection of vintage and rare synthesisers, amplifiers, and recording equipment, and is always on the lookout for new equipment that can further push boundaries and set new standards for music production.

Andy’s recent credits include Smoove & Turrell, The Peevie Wonders, BBC Newcastle (Sting’s I Must Have Loved You), Knats (Gearbox Records), Hardwick Circus, Kate Bond, Rye, Deep Sea Peach Tree, and co-producing an album by Bear Park (25hr Convenience Store) with Gary Powell of The Libertines.

‘Local Hero’ – Tom Robinson

‘They say it’s the ear not the gear, but it helps if you’ve got both’ – unknown

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